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What Are Programming Languages ?

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Before starting the C++ , we should have some information about " Programming Languages ".
In here i will shortly point out about Programming Languages so..

? Q1 . What is a programming Language 
Answer : Programming Language Is a special computer language used to create softwares.
-The programming languages are sometimes roughly called royal languages
Every statement in a programming language is actually a command to the computer
The first programming language ever created was called “Ada”.

? Q2: How many levels or categories are there in programming Language 

Answer : There are Three level of Programming Language :
1. >Low-level-languages.
3. High Level Languages.

? Q3. What are " Low Level Languages " >
Answer : Low level languages are those languages in which the programs are written in machine/binary language. E.g. Ada

 ? Q4: What are " Mid-Level-Languages "
Answer : Mid level languages are those languages in which programs are written in 80% English and 20 % binary form. E.g. assembly

? Q5 . What are High Level Languages 
Answer : High level languages are those languages in which programs are written completely in English language. E.g. C++, VB, Java ,ASP , PHP...

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